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Authorpreneur Video Writers Course

The Authorpreneur Video Writers Course by Elite Publications is an advanced creative writing course that offers an easy, step-by-step approach to bringing your stories to life. Elite Publications is a global self-publishing company that has aided over 400 authors in becoming international bestsellers through partnerships with gifts of legacy. Obtaining important Awards in 2023, including the London Black Belt International Hall of Fame Publisher Award, the Action Martial Arts magazine Hall of Honors Excellence in Publishing Award, the Take Center Stage Publisher Award, and the International Impact Award, to name a few. What is an authorpreneur? Authorpreneurs are authors who apply a business mindset to their writing career. They approach the publishing process strategically and create a data-informed marketing plan to boost their book sales and build their brand. This Authorpreneur Video Writers course is designed to guide you with writing, publishing and marketing your book with daily modules in 30 days! ​ One of the best ways to make money online is selling your own book or your own ebook. It is not that simple as you think to make a lot of money doing it. The good news is that inside this fantastic step-by-step guide is the procedure of a day-to-day task to promote your authorship. By following the step-by-step instructions in the Elite Publications Authorpreneur Course will guarantee your success. Other one-on-one coaching options are available. ​

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome

    • Start With The End In Mind.

    • Complimentary copy of the Take Center Stage Magazine

    • Elite Publications Support survey

    • Pre-Course Writing Lessions with Jessie Bowen

    • Pre-Course Writing Lesson 1

    • Pre-Course Writing Lesson 2

    • Pre-Course Writing Lesson 4

    • Pre-Course Writing Lesson 3

    • Pre-Course Writing Lesson 5

    • Pre-Course Lesson 6

    • Test

  2. 2
    • Day-0-Daily Writing Activity Overview-Project

    • Day-1 Daily Writing Activity - Writing Steps Project

    • Day-2 Daily Writing Activity Writing Steps Project

    • Day-3 Daily Writing Activity Organization Day

    • Day 4 - Daily Writing Activity - Formatting day

    • Day-5 Daily Writing Activity

    • Days-6-and-7 Catch Up Day

    • Day-8 Writing Steps

    • Day-9 Writing Steps

    • Day-10 Organization

    • Day-11 formatting Day

    • Day-12 Proofreading/Edit Day

    • Days-13-and-14 Catch Up Day

    • Day-15 Writing Steps

    • Day-16 Writing Steps

    • Day-17 Organization Day

    • Day-18 Formatting Day

    • Day-19 Proofreading/Edit Day

    • Days-20-and-21 Catch Days

    • Day-23 Writing Steps

    • Day-24 Organization Day

    • Day-25 Formatting Day

    • Day-26 Proofreading/Editing Day

    • Days-27-and-28 Catch Up Days

    • Day-29 Writing Steps

    • Day-30 Writing Steps

    • Day-31 Organization Day

    • Day-32 Upload-Day

  3. 3
    • Post-Course-Upload KDP

    • Amazon Author-Central

    • Amazon-ACX - Turn Your Book into An Audiobook

  4. 4
    • Become An Author Podcast - Learn how you can become a six-figure public speaker and promote your book project.

    • Become An Author - Building a Brand

    • The ABC's of Writing and Self-Publishing Online Class

    • Become An Author Podcast Show Host Jessie Bowen & Natalie McQueen - Monetizing Your Author's website

    • Publishing Roadmap

    • Bestseller Launch Blueprint

  5. 5
    • Creating Your


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Jessie Bowen

Elite Publications' president and founder is Jessie Bowen. He has worked in the publishing and marketing fields for more than 30 years. The author of more than 20 award-winning books, Jessie has won accolades and achieved international bestseller status. He has helped hundreds of people express their experiences and take control of their life through writing and publishing.